clematis seeds ,200 pcs bonsai flower seeds for home garden plant

How to Grow Clematis

There are approximately 300 species of plant in the Clematis genus. Though only a small number of these clematis vines are used in the home landscape, understanding how to grow these beautiful flowers can be confusing. Fortunately, caring for clematis is relatively simple, once growers have a better understanding of each type of plant within their garden.


Clematis have long been said to prefer their “heads in the sun” and “feet in the shade.” To grow their best, most vines will need at least six hours of sunlight each day. Though some species may prove to be more adaptable than others, making certain that plants receive the proper amount of sunlight will be essential to the production of flowers.

Despite their tolerance for heat, clematis vines may require afternoon shade when grown in warmer regions. In addition to helping to maintain soil moisture, the application of mulch may be especially useful in keeping the plant’s root system cool throughout the summer.

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