Bonsai Cherry Fruit Seeds

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Bonsai Cherry Fruit

Bonsai Cherry Fruit is a beautiful and unique addition to any garden. This miniature tree produces delicious cherries that are perfect for snacking or baking. With its stunning white or pink flowers in spring and delicious fruit in summer, Bonsai Cherry Fruit is a must-have for any gardener.

Growing Tips

  • Bonsai Cherry Fruit needs a sunny place that is protected from strong winds.

  • During the hottest summer time, it can be wise to provide some partial shade.

  • A cool winter dormancy period of at least three months is required.

  • Cherries need a lot of water during the growing season, and the root ball must not dry out, especially while flowers and fruit develop.

  • Use rainwater if possible, as cherries don’t like very calcareous water.

  • During the growth period, use a solid organic fertilizer once a month or a liquid fertilizer every week. Use a balanced product and avoid high nitrogen fertilizers for mature trees you want to flower.

  • Repot the Bonsai cherry every two or three years, older trees less often, in early spring before the flowers open. The roots of young specimen can be pruned considerably, but those of mature bonsai must be treated more gently and pruned only moderately.

We hope this information inspires you to grow your own Bonsai Cherry Fruit. Happy gardening!